Accessing a Counselling Service: A Guide

The purpose of this article is to provide brief information about counselling services and how you can access them. Read on to discover what counselling services are, how they work, and where they can be found. What is a counselling service? A counsellor provides emotional support through psychological interventions such as talking therapy sessions, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and guidance with daily life issues such as stress levels and lifestyle choices such as dieting or finances.

Lesser-Known Types of Depression That a Psychiatrist Could Diagnose You With

Depression is a broad description that covers a multitude of disorders typically characterised by a lack of interest in one's daily schedule, a persistent feeling of sullenness or sadness and so on. But while you may be familiar with terms such as manic depressive, bipolar disorder and more, you should know that other less-known conditions fall under depression — yet not many people are aware they are at risk of it.

3 Signs That You Need to See an Anxiety Counsellor

Many Australians experiences anxiety in their life. However, most citizens living with anxiety are unaware of it, simply because they don't know the symptoms. Therefore, most people don't know when to seek help, which might lead to dire consequences. If you suspect that you are suffering from anxiety, you should see a counsellor immediately. This article highlights three signs that you need to seek counselling services. Keep reading to find out more.

Tips for Managing a Mood Disorder

As mental health conditions that often feel difficult to manage, mood disorders can have a significant effect on your life. However, that doesn't mean there's nothing you can do to manage yours. Although managing a mood disorder often feels like a lot of effort, there are some useful tactics you can employ. Remain Consistent With Therapy There may be times where you feel as though you don't want to attend your therapy sessions.

Overcoming Hurdles When You First Start Counselling for Depression

According to Beyond Blue, one in five Australians will encounter a mental health condition in any given year. The Beyond Blue website also states that anxiety is the most common of those conditions. While using medication is an option for those suffering from depression or anxiety disorder, many people find that talking to therapists helps too. If you're due to start counselling for the first time, it's worth understanding how you can overcome some of the initial hurdles that accompany the process.